Review: FUZE 2013

A jaw-dropping show has our Tab reviewer running out of superlatives

Walking through the doors of Brunel’s Old Station, the size of the vast hall, dominated by an imposing T-shaped stage in the middle with seats either side, is captivating.

Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

The mood in the room ahead of the show was buoyant. Students and parents had clearly made a real effort, and the hall was definitely home to the most good-looking bunch of people in Bristol (myself excluded).

It is important to remember FUZE is ultimately a charity event, and this year’s charity, Unseen, were acknowledged through videos and a short speech at the beginning, but it’s the spectacle which followed that everyone will talk about for days afterwards.

Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

The dancers jived with such enthusiasm and creativity, each performance offering something different to the eye, and utilizing the space perfectly. The state-of-the-art sound system did a fantastic job of letting the whole audience get swept up in the carnival atmosphere, created by the dancers on stage.

The dances were interspersed with models, showing off some of Bristol’s finest fashions, with everything from Topshop to Serge De Nimes, owned by Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock.However, this was no ordinary catwalk.

Considering virtually all the models had no professional experience, they owned the stage with confidence and maturity. The alcohol-fuelled audience offered plenty of encouragement, cheering raucously to the delight of the models.

Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

Swimwear lines coupled with samba music transported the audience briefly to the shores of Copacabana, getting everyone out of their chairs. Segments such as this owed a great debit to the sound technicians, fashion team, and other staff whose work was seen even if they weren’t.

To cap a fabulous night off, all the cast and crew gathered on stage to do the Harlem Shake, working the entire room into a frenzy.

Once the rave had died down and the dancing was over, the crowds shuffled out of the room, wide grins on everyone’s faces.

FUZE 2013 was a joy to watch and from the look of it a joy to be a part of. Special mention must go to Abby Walton, whose choreographed dance was a highlight of the evening, and Maisie Waters, who is a fashion director in the making for next year.

Talking of next year, I hope you all make time to go to FUZE 2014. This year has set the bar pretty high but I’m in no doubt next year can top it.