Take Back The Streets

With couples suffering from Valentine’s hangovers, tonight Bristol belongs to the singletons

Bristol’s nightclubs are expecting to be packed to the rafters tonight, as the single people of Bristol emerge from hiding and re-claim the city as their own.

The couples who dominated Bristol’s streets yesterday are unlikely to be seen in public for the next few nights. Some will be too busy tackling the ridiculous pile of washing-up left over from an ill-advised attempt at cooking a ‘romantic’ meal.

Others will realise they’ve now spent all their overdraft and need to make their final fiver last until mummy and daddy can bail them out.

15th Feb: A day for third wheels everywhere to celebrate

However, for single people, tonight is a national holiday. A night of celebration.

Gone is the shame of trying to pull a couple of nights before Valentine’s. In its place, the happy knowledge if you do find someone special tonight you’ve got a whole year before you have to successfully negotiate Valentine’s Day with them.

Whilst couples everywhere decide to have an “early night” and settle down to watch the latest Nicholas Sparks weepie, Bristol’s nightclubs will be full of so many people making out to the backing of anthemic indie music you’d think you were watching a fan-made shipper video.

Like the feast of fools, Valentine’s turns the world upside-down for one day only. It’s a day when chocolate fondue is an acceptable dinner option, and when receiving a delivery of flowers at 8 in the morning is somehow acceptable.

Now, things go back to normal. You can buy a ready meal for one without being pitied by the checkout lady. Your boring friends will talk about relationship problems again. DJs will play Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and every girl will sing along like their life depends on it.

The romantics had their turn. Tonight, single people take back the streets.