Valentine’s Style

Having trouble choosing an outfit for V-day? Our guest blogger SJ gives you the low down on her romantic style picks.

Aaaah Valentines Day, the most romantic day of the year. Some argue it’s simply an excuse for card manufacturers to make a lot of money, whilst others will argue it’s the perfect excuse for a new outfit.

Not sure what you’re wearing yet? Take advice from our lovely guest blogger from Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion, SJP, on what she’s wearing to send hearts racing this Valentines:

Personally I’m not a huge fan of St Valentine and the hype he’s brought to women (and Thorntons shops) the world over.

Typically the other half, Mr Ship-Shape, and I mark the day by cooking dinner together and attempting not to be sarcastic to each other, which doesn’t usually require a particular outfit choice. However, this Valentine’s Day is exciting as I’ll be dressing up to celebrate a special romance, just not my own…

Two of my friends have chosen to get married on 14th February this year, so I’ll be dressed in my finest wedding guest attire; a vintage white and navy dress, decorated with orange pineapples. It sounds weirder than it looks… The dress is originally from the 1970s and I found it at the Bath Vintage & Antiques Fair last year.

SJ’s opted for vintage this Valentines Day

It’s a simple silhouette I’ll pair with a vintage tan belt and a pair of my grandmother’s tan brown peep toe shoes. To add to the vintage look I’ll be painting my lips and nails red and attempting a glamorous 1940s victory roll in my hair, though if I can pull it off remains to be seen!

I’ve actually never tried victory rolls before (a bit of a risk) so I’ll be trying them out the night before, probably using a Youtube or Pinterest tutorial, and then winging it on the day!

Hair aside, you can get the look by shopping for vintage – looking in charity shops, vintage boutiques and markets, adopting an era and having fun with it.

Not being afraid to wear vintage and making sure you’ll be comfortable as you won’t want pinching shoes or a too-tight dress stopping you from dancing and enjoying the whole day!

If you want more stylish advice off SJP then visit her blog.