Love Is In The Air

Bristol one of the most romantic UK cities. Either that or we just read a lot of porn.

If you’re feeling particularly amorous this week it’s hardly surprising: Bristol has been named as one of the most romantic cities in the UK.

With romantic views like this, it’s no wonder Bristolians are so loved-up

Bristol beat stiff competition to finish sixth in the recent poll, coming ahead of both Derby and Cardiff, places which instantly spring to mind when thinking of romantic getaways.

The survey was based on the number of erotic books ordered through U Star Novels, a company specialising in personalised romantic and erotic novels (for all those who need to read about themselves having sex).

Nottingham, or to give the city its correct name ‘Hottingham’, came in first place, way ahead of naughty Newcastle and lusty Liverpool. Higher populated cities were surprisingly un-romantic with Manchester coming 19th and London 20th, suggesting nobody feels comfortable reading personalised erotica on the underground.

Overall, the South was found to contain more romantic novel readers than the North, a statistic which may be explained by variance in literacy rates or by the fact Southerners are just more repressed.

When asked by The Tab what she made of Bristol’s burgeoning reputation as a romantic hotbed, Caitlin, 22, said “I think it’s pretty romantic.”

“I always think of the suspension bridge as romantic because a tour guide once told me a man who tried to commit suicide up there was stopped by a woman who turned out to be his future wife.”

Laura, 19, agrees: ‘I think Bristol is the perfect place to go dating. Me and my boyfriend are going to the Harbourside this Valentine’s and I always think it’s really romantic down there.’

However, there appears to be a gender divide on the issue…

Forget Champagne this is a Bristol boy’s idea of romance

“Naah I don’t think it is” says Liam, 22. “Bristol’s full of students, and we’re all pretty tight.”

“I can’t afford to wine and dine her, she’ll be lucky if she get’s a bunker bomb.’

His mate Tim, 23, continues, “I once took someone on a date to Magic Roll.’

Not quite like Disney dogs do it

Despite the difference in opinions, Bristol’s penchant for passionate erotica suggests not everyone who lives here sides with Tim and Liam.

That said, women after a truly romantic experience this Valentine’s may benefit from organising it themselves. Unless you want to reconstruct that Lady and the Tramp scene over a magic roll? Messy.

Happy Valentine’s!