Valentine’s: Surviving It Single

Not having someone to spend this Thursday with doesn’t mean you can’t have fun

One of the most dreaded days of the year is here again. A day when those of us who are single are made to feel even more alone, whilst couples spend it hugging and humping.

Rather than be one of those people who scramble around for a date, and eventually suffer through the night with gritted teeth, it’s time to learn not to give a damn. Valentine’s doesn’t need to be a day of despair and here are some ideas to get through it as painlessly as possible.

So what can you get up to instead?

Whilst Varsity didn’t go particularly well this weekend, Valentine’s gives us the opportunity to bring out our competitive edge and realise that actually, we don’t need the other sex.

An ideal method of distraction is playing sport on Wednesday afternoon, an activity which ensures you’re only mingling with the same sex whether you’re playing with a bat, a ball, a racquet or an oar (apart from mixed lacrosse which I suspect is highly incestuous).

Sport is a great way to work through your sexual frustration
Photo: Christian Foss

As well as taking your mind off your love life, the social afterwards should ensure you miss the majority of Thursday anyway.

Then where is the one place in the evening where you can forget those depressing ‘why does no-one like me’ thoughts? The answer you’re looking for is Lounge.

Stories from Bristol Confessions originate from Lounge for a reason. It’s the place for the single to mingle and find temporary love just for the night. Even if you can’t remember their name the next morning.

Will you get lucky at this week’s Itchy Feet?
Photo: Itchy Feet Events

If you can’t handle Lounge’s ferocious £1 drinks and dark atmosphere perhaps Motion will suit instead. ‘Itchy Feet’ arrives back in town this week, and its happy-go-lucky retro music is sure to help you forget it was ever Valentine’s.

Plus you can laugh at your mates who are romantically entangled and have spent all their beer money on extortionately priced cards, chocolates and fluffy teddy bears. In comparison, you’ll be flush with cash.

Who needs a better half when you could have Django?
Photo: Physical Flaws (flickr)

If money’s enough of an issue to keep you from going out, or the sight of hideously large and impractical cards make you shiver, there is always the option to laze in bed. Stay in with buddies, watch a completely un-romantic film (I’d suggest Django Unchained or Zero Dark Thirty) and get lashed at home.

And let’s all be thankful couples can only be bothered with this affection rubbish on only one day a year.