UBTV: FUZE Preview

This week’s UBTV picks include all the antics from the FUZE 2013 launch party.

We’re just a few days away from FUZE 2013 and UBTV are continuing to build up the hype. 


The UBTV team are having one of their busiest ever weeks so far but they still found time to spend time with The Tab‘s favourite intra-mural team Brystal Palace who had a go at the crossbar challenge. Enjoy!

Brystal Palace – Crossbar Challenge

For anyone who doesn’t know, Crossbar Challenge requires a player to hit the crossbar (horizontal frame of the goal) from the halfway-line with or without a bounce.

The first Crossbar Challenge UBTV filmed was for the Bristol 1st XI and for all those who haven’t watched it, they were unsuccessful.

With the bar set pretty low, Brystal Palace’s squad were determined to triumph. Different approaches were used including the dink, the bouncer and the drive.

Considering the brutal windy conditions there were some admirably close attempts. Eventually, the wind across the Downs ceased, just as Jake Rogers stepped up with his beer helmet. Cue mad celebrations.

All I can say is ‘Bristol sign him up!’

FUZE Launch Party

It’s just a few days away so the second of our picks had to be a FUZE video.

It is impossible not to mention England’s largest student fashion, music and dance event that is taking place right here in Bristol.

You can’t really walk down Woodland Road at the moment without seeing people rehearsing through their routines as they walk between lectures. There’s not long to go now and UBTV will be there on the night to capture the mesmerising end product.

Our FUZE video coverage has already appeared in Cosmo and now we can go one better and say it has appeared on The Tab‘s website.

Cover Photo by Zoe Nash