Original Prankster?

“We did it first!” claim UH students in response to Epigram prank pic

Students from University Hall have contacted The Tab, dismissing yesterday’s UH pranksters as mere copycats. 

“We did an Epigram-themed room prank weeks before these other people did!” claimed one of the pranksters in an email.

“We also exhausted Stoke Bishop’s supply of Epigrams, but in a much neater way – wallpapering and carpeting the room in it.”

I like what you’ve done with the place…

“As such, it meant all who came into the room could actually read the articles (probably the first time halls students have actually done this).”

Like living in a world of papier-mache

“We particularly enjoyed putting the advertisement about childcare within the university prominently around our flatmates bed, in order to ensure he took in the full message.”

Read all about it!

The attention to detail in this prank certainly makes yesterday’s attempt seem rather sloppy by comparison.

Must try harder…

Of course, room pranks such as these are nothing new. Even VP Tom Flynn, officially the most popular VP, is guilty of indulging. He sent The Tab this pic from his first year at uni.

You’ve foiled me for the last time!

However, such pranks come at a cost, even if it is only a financial one. “This cost me £60 in tin foil” said Tom, proving our UH pranksters might have had the right idea in sticking to Epigram.