Varsity 2013: Matchday Preview

The Tab speaks to the Cuda ahead of this afternoon’s big match.

The wait is over. This afternoon, Varsity 2013 begins with the UWE Bullets aiming to maintain their 100% record over the Bristol Barracuda.

The action gets under way from 2pm at Filton Wise Campus, and both teams will hope for a strong turn-out of supporters to cheer them on.

Before the game, The Tab and UBTV caught up with Barracuda quarter-back Jack Scott and captain Stuart Tabberer to get their thoughts on whether this could be the year of the Cuda.

“We’re feeling pretty good, we’ve got some new stuff we’ve been working on and the team is pulling together. We’ve had a few injuries but overall we are 2-1 which is good for us,” said Jack.

As with all rivalries, the key to the game looks to be who ends up wanting it more.

“It’s a fight to the death basically”

“We’ve been playing each other for six or seven years now,” said Stuart, “we know what they’re going to do and they know what we’re going to do. It’s just a case of who goes out there, and hits hardest. It’s a fight to the death basically.”

Those unfamiliar with the Cuda line-up will have a few key players to look out for. “Our defence has really turned up this year, we’ve got some real hard hitters. George Barker, our middle linebacker, is bound to have a great game.”

“Jack is our starting QB (quarterback) so he’s going to go out there and make some awesome plays for us. We’ve also got some great running backs and some great receivers who can go down-field and make some great plays.”

When asked how the guys will celebrate should Cuda break their Varsity losing streak there’s zero hesitation from either of them: “get down to Riley’s.”

We’ll see you there.

Students can get to this afternoon’s game by taking the 73/74 bus towards Cribbs Causeway from Cabot Circus.