Why You Should Go To The AMM

The Tab tries to convince the “typical student” there’s something for everyone at this year’s AMM

Photo: Jamie Corbin

Ahead of this afternoon’s Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM), The Tab looks at why this is one colossal waste of time you actually should bother with.

Firstly, it’s because of the AMM you get the afternoon off uni. The respectful thing to do would be to at least turn up but the majority of students rarely do (apparently they’ve even started trying to bribe people to come with free drinks vouchers).

The general idea is these things are a huge bore. But they’re not!  There’s always something funny going on: this year they’re debating whether to officially back the Carbon Rod from The Simpsons for NUS President.

Fourth in line to be debated is a motion to “oppose and ban arms companies at UBU events”.  Obviously, the number of guns and tanks sold at Freshers last year was a real cause for concern.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, there’s always a few ways to make things more interesting. Drinking game anyone?

Quick show of hands, who’s already drunk?
Photo: Jamie Corbin

If heavy drinking’s not your thing, then what about sex? Whilst debating, students get so passionate and worked up it’s no surprise they need some sort of ‘release’ right after. It’s no surprise students tried to get the AMM re-named ‘Shagfest’ three years ago. (We blame the event’s proximity to Valentine’s).

The point is, the meeting will be a laugh.  It almost makes all the serious reasons why you should go unneeded.  Almost.

But AMMs do deal with loads of things which are actually important – like saving students money.  The first motion is to get Hiatt Baker residents cheaper rent after all the building work going on there. If you live in Hiatt Baker you’re practically burning your own money by not turning up in support.

Doesn’t this look exciting?
Photo: Jamie Corbin

Also up there is a motion for a pay-as-you-go option for all sports facilities so you don’t have to pay full gym membership just to use a tennis court twice a month. Give up this one afternoon and it could save you some seriously big bucks in the future.

Sex, booze, and saving you money: the AMM seems to have it all. So haul yourself out of bed this morning and do your bit. Think of it all as part of the pre-lash, and we’ll see you in Pam Pam after it’s over.

This year’s AMM is at 2pm in Wills Memorial Building.