They’re loving it!

Three students add a touch of class to Maccy Ds with their black tie meal.

black tie mcdonalds mcdonalds students

Three cheeky Exeter students paid a special trip to McDonald’s yesterday afternoon.

Still hanging after a big night out, the trio ordered Big Mac and fries… but they were still in their party gear.

From left: Fine diners Sam Clarke, Charlie Griffin and Ryan Barrell

Donning black tie and bringing table cloths, wine glasses and serviettes, these gents are more than ready for the weekend.

Posh nosher Sam Clarke said: “We hope to restore some dignity to the Exeter brand.”

He was joined by dining companions Ryan Barrell and Charlie Griffin.

The McD’s manager even got in on the act. As they finished, she asked them: “How was your meal gentlemen? Is there anything I can get you?”

The diners had the full three-course experience, but weren’t allowed to light their candle.