Barracuda Guide To The Superbowl

It’s one of the biggest sporting events of the year. We ask Bristol Barracuda what to look out for in Superbowl XLVII.

For our American cousins, it’s one of the biggest days of the year. Superbowl Sunday brings the nation to a halt as everything from the half-time entertainment to the mid-game ads become a talking point.

American Football is nowhere near as popular over here, but with Varsity round the corner there’s never been a better time to get a feel for the sport.

Yet again this year, Bristol Barracuda are hosting their annual Superbowl party at Riley’s. With a late license until 6am, two burgers for £5 all night and a whole host of great drink deals, there’s no better place to watch the game.

The Tab caught up with some of the team to get their thoughts on the match, and why you don’t need to be an American Football fan to get caught up in the Superbowl frenzy.

The Greatest Show On Earth

Although there’s only 60 minutes of playing time, the Superbowl itself tends to last for close to four hours, meaning there’s plenty for people who aren’t football fans to enjoy.

“Even people who’ve never seen the sport will enjoy watching Beyonce this year,” Sam Farley tells The Tab. If the promise of Beyonce (who has confirmed that, yes, she will be singing live) isn’t enough to sway people, there’s always the adverts.

Companies pay millions to have their ads featured during the Superbowl and often spend a lot of money trying to come up with something memorable. “The ads are better than most of the rubbish TV on these days,” points out Barracuda player Maxwell Meuth.

As a taster, check out this year’s Got Milk commercial directed by Peter Berg (Battleship) and starring The Rock of all people.

A Story Like No Other

Every Superbowl has a great narrative behind it and this year’s is no different, with two head coaching brothers (Jim & John Harbaugh) going up against each other in the Superbowl for the first time ever.

Also, as Sam Farley reminds us, “it’s Ray Lewis’s last-ever game. Similar to Drogba in the Champions League final”. Lewis is well known as one of the big characters of the NFL, and Maxwell tells us to look out for the Ravens linebacker crying his eyes out during the national anthem.

NFL Drinking Games

Of course, if the sport fails to grab your attention, there’s nothing like a drinking game to help the time pass.

“If you are watching on Sky Sports, drink every time Kevin Cadle says ‘ball game'”, Maxwell tells The Tab. “You will be totally binned in about 30 mins.”

“Let’s get back to our ball game…”

Should Kevin disappoint, Sam is ready with a back-up plan.

“Have a few fingers of your drink every time a non-football related celebrity is wheeled out to give an opinion on the game. Down a pint when it’s Vernon Kay, and it will be Vernon Kay.”

Who To Root For?

“Root for the 49ers,” urges Sam, who is predicting a career-defining game for 49ers quarterback Kaepernick.

“No matter how much you like your box-sets of ‘The Wire’, all the other neutrals will be rooting for Ray Lewis and the Ravens.”

Don’t expect Stringer Bell to be lining up for the Ravens

However, Maxwell urges neutrals to embrace their inner romantic and show support for Lewis and the Ravens, who he thinks will just edge victory.

“The game will be very very close. I’m going 24-21 Ravens, last minute field goal to win.”

The Barracuda Superbowl Party at Riley’s starts at 8pm, Sunday. Tickets are available in advance online.