The Bristol Bucket List #2

Make the most of Bristol before it’s too late!

After last week’s suggestion of getting drunk on the water, we had plenty of suggestions sent in for our Bucket List. Taking inspiration from one of them, we decided you can’t say you’ve got to know Bristol, until you’ve really got to know it.

This is why the next item on The Tab‘s must-do itinerary is:

2) Get Intimate With A Bristol Landmark

Normally a stop off point for the average tourist, why not put your own spin on seeing the Victoria Rooms Fountain? Get a head start on the graduating students and get your dip done well in advance after a night on the Triangle.

Unless you’re very hardy we would recommend waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer, but dive on in if you’re keen…

The moment when you realise you have to walk home soaking wet

If you can’t wait until the end of the night, there are always the Gorillas dotted around Bristol that could do with some TLC. The gorilla outside the BBC building is handy if you’re heading out for a night. Double points if it’s the ASS Library Gorilla that gets your affection.

What do you mean you’ve never rode a gorilla before?

If you’re off to the Cori Tap and still steady on your feet at the end of the night, walk round the corner to the Suspension Bridge and cross the bridge to take a look down at your city.

Sunrise over Bristol. Better to do it when it’s not raining!

So, do your best and leave your mark on a Bristol landmark before you go.

Which Bristol landmarks have you been familiar with? Let us know below.