High Street, High Fashion: Neon

Now wear this! Martha Cliff gives you advice on how to conquer the neon trend

Neon is one of those trends that ought to come with a health warning. Look at it too long and you’re blinded.

We all seem to have a fear and a fascination with the idea of neon, we all shy away from wearing it anywhere other than our finger nails and yet every season it makes its return bigger and better than the season before.

One thing is clear, neon is here to stay, and the designers’ message is ‘better get used to it’ (this isn’t an official quote, more of an educated guess.)

I’m not going to act like the idea of wearing highlighter green everyday doesn’t put some fear in me. However I do think it is a trend worth investing in. What better antidote to a gray scale winter than a pop of pink?

The main thing to remember is this trend requires a lot of gusto. You can’t be a shrinking violet in Simone Rocha’s neon lace! If you’re not quite ready to go full-blown bubble gum pink, our advice is to ease yourself into the trend with some bright accents.

And there you have it: nail the trend without looking like disciple to an 80’s Barbie!

Next week, look out for trend tips on swinging sixties style.