Bristol Says Goodbye To Internet Prodigy

The Tab says a tearful farewell to a true Bristol BNOC

The Tab takes great interest in Bristol’s BNOCs so we were saddened to hear first-year Youtube sensation Jack Harries has quit Bristol after just one term living in Stoke Bishop.

Jack claims he felt unable to handle the – let’s be frank – minimal workload for his drama degree on top of his cyber-commitments. However, The Tab wonders whether Jack, despite his notoriety around town, simply wasn’t as popular amongst his fellow students as he is on the internet.

We’ll always have Youtube…

The Tab prides itself on having a broad-based and unbiased, free-thinking readership. The comments, we like to think, represent a cross-section of typical Bristol students. As a result, we can only conclude Bristol students were simply not as enamoured with the ‘JacksGap’ brand as the wider online community, made up, it seems, of squealing tweens.

Compare, for instance, the following randomly selected comments, first from Youtube and then from The Tab.

Before leaving, Jack was kind enough to get in touch with The Tab and send our editor a brief message. We’ve had to edit out the mild expletives and some tiresome verbatim but it essentially ran –

“My names Jack I study at the university of Bristol. I see you also do.
 I stumbled across one of your many articulate and fascinating articles in the Tab today and felt a desire to get in touch with you. 
I’m genuinely curious as to why you felt the need to write your gripping piece titled ‘Inexplicable internet sensation visits Bristol. Is annoying.’…Your article was just a complete and utter load of shit….Its genuinly [sic] embarrassing.
 Anyway best of luck writing your insightful articles in the future. Can’t wait to read more!

The Tab would like to congratulate Jack for his acceptable command of the English language and, moreover, his biting use of passive-aggressive sarcasm.

On those grounds, should Jack ever return, (which he said he might) or else if all goes to pot on Youtube, there will always be a place for him here at Bristol’s most popular online tabloid – surely, the next best thing to a contract with Google.

If anyone is curious as to what shampoo Jack Harries really does use, you can check out his latest Youtube offering here…

Laters, Jack. We’ll miss you. Honest.