Cartoon Confession Of The Week

Cartoon Confessions return with a rather disturbing glimpse into the world of male escorts!

Cartoon Confessions are back, turning the best Bristol Uni Confessions into artwork perfect for any student’s bedroom wall.

The Perils of Escort Work
Cartoon: Katie Bend

“Having been turned down at the door, I found myself in my flat with a friend, drunk and bored.

After earlier discussing the perks of male escorting, we couldn’t refuse the chance to make money by accompanying older women to business functions and such. So after paying my customary tenner I became an escort.

For a few days, there was just friends texting requesting my services and other fun and games. I received my first legitimate job. A nice week in Nigeria which would earn me a cheeky 16 grand.

After the immediate excitement of being able to live it up like Wills for a while. I acknowledged this business opportunity was probably a scam and politely turned it down, only to be greeted by an email saying “Thank you for your response, Your travel arrangements have been sorted.”

5 minutes later, I received my second email. Needing a boost I started to read and it wasn’t long before I realised that Colin from Southampton wasn’t after a boy to keep him company.

As a straight male the line “I want to strip a guy to his boxers, wank him, suck his cock and balls … tongue and finger his bum before taking him from behind doggie.” caused particular trauma from a 46 year old married man.

And that is how my male escorting career terminated.”