Was UWE Overdose Due To Dodgy Dealer?

‘Unknown toxic drug’ being marketed as 2CB


A Bristol University drug expert has revealed an unknown toxic drug, rather than 2CB, is responsible for the recent overdose at Marketgate.

The mystery substance which was sold to the students by a local dealer, left one student, named as Tom Bellmont in The Sun, reportedly trying to rip his own face off.

Tom, 20, remains in a serious condition in the hospital, with little known about what he actually took or the effects it has had on his body.

The Sun’s coverage of the story, which first appeared in The Tab Bristol

At the time, the students were believed to have taken hallucinogenic 2CB. However, a consultant psychiatrist in substance misuse has informed the University this is ‘unlikely’ to be the case.

The development follows news the recent 2CB overdose in Newcastle was possibly the result of a far stronger and more potent hallucinogenic, 2C-I, being mis-sold as 2CB.

2CB or not 2CB?
Photo: retinafunk (Flickr)

As yet it is unknown whether the dealers in either case were aware of what they were selling, but any students using what they believe to be 2CB have been informed they are at ‘considerable risk’. Anyone with information regarding suspect dealers is urged to contact the police.

The news has been of little surprise to some students, with the risk of being mis-sold drugs seemingly part of the culture.

One student told The Tab, “lots of weaker drugs are mis-sold, like weed, MDMA and MCAT. Sometimes you get a guy who has a bag of 2CB and a bag of MDMA, and he’s forgotten which one’s which.”

Another described how “one of my mates was sold TCI as 2CB.  He was out for four days.  He thought his mother was an angel.”

Any Bristol students seeking confidential help with drugs-related issues are advised to contact Bristol Drugs Project. Call 0117 987 6000 or visit www.bdp.org.uk.