No Art Like Snow Art: Photo Special

Snow My God! Bristol’s street artists create special snow art plus the best of your pics


Not content with building snowmen like the rest of us, three Bristol graffiti artists used the snow to create some extra-special street art. 

Mr Riks’ Lettering

The artwork, found in Totterdown, may not last for long but it has been the talk of Twitter this weekend as amazed locals share pictures of the unusual snow sculptures.

The eye in this sculpture by Haka sticks out from the front of the sculpture

Any budding artists keen to make their own snow street art may have to wait until the next forecasted snowfall on Tuesday. Until then, enjoy this collection of pics from the last few days.

Warning: Terrible Puns Ahead

Crocodile by Rowdy

This snowman knows girls love nothing more than an ice guy
Photo: Jacob Lang

Snow Lonely
Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

Chill out guys!
Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

Snow lectures for us!
Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

Just chillin’
Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

UBSC weren’t bored of the snow
Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

SNOWMG: Astonishing views from Clifton Suspension Bridge
Photo: @nevtam (Twitter)

These puns have reached the point of snow return, so we’ll stop before it becomes a case of snowverkill. Check out the rest of The Tab‘s snow photos on Flickr.

Courtesy of Bristol University Kite Society: