Snowman Epidemic Hits Bristol

With university cancelled, Bristol students make the most of their afternoon off

With exams cancelled and the University closed, Bristol students have been braving the chill to enjoy the snow.

With no lectures to attend, snowmen quickly sprang up around Redland

Not everyone has been pleased with the effect of the snow on their exam timetables. This weekend only the ASS library will be opening, albeit with a reduced timetable tomorrow.

Given that the snow was anticipated well in advance, questions are being asked as to whether the decision to postpone exams should have been made last night. A revised exam timetable is yet to be published.

However, the decision to close gave Bristol students the opportunity to pursue extra-curricular activities.

Lurking on a street corner

There was enough snow for members of the University of Bristol Snowsports Club to build a city-centre kicker, with grabs, 360s and Lincoln Loops on display. Fool-hardy skiers also took to the streets of Clifton.

Not a soft landing (photo: UBSC)

There have been regular sightings of snowmen and, particularly ambitious students have tried their hand at constructing igloos.

Work on UWE’s new Student Union building was well underway

With more snow on the forecast for Monday, it may be some days before university life is back to normal.

Worth it?