Blizzard Hits Bristol

Lectures and exams cancelled at the University of Bristol and UWE as snow causes chaos in Bristol this morning.


Heavy snowfall overnight caused widespread confusion at Bristol’s universities this morning as students waited to hear if classes and exams would be cancelled.

Beginning at 4am, snow has been falling continuously all morning. As much as 15cm of snow is expected to cover parts of Bristol by the end of today.

Photo: Joey N

Whilst UWE announced the cancellation of all its exams by 9am, the University of Bristol took longer to react, eventually confirming it would close from noon. However, a decision about afternoon exams was delayed.

At 11.21am, students were eventually informed by email their exams would be cancelled.

Last night, a statement was released insisting all exams were expected to continue as normal, despite the adverse conditions.

In a change of heart, most departments cancelled all teaching by 10am, with particularly important pre-exam seminars now no longer taking place.

Photo: Joey N

Student Charles Case commented, “On account of a few inches of snow, my two final seminars of this teaching block have been cancelled. They were both reserved for exam prep, which doesn’t exactly leave any of us on either of my courses in a great situation, as we haven’t even been told the exam format. You won’t see me frolicking in the streets!”

“Goldney under 3 inches of snow and counting!”
Photo: Nick Black

In a further blow to students revising for exams, Bristol University libraries will also be closed from noon.

Crucial university roads were treacherous and largely un-gritted at 9.30am, with St Michael’s Hill having to close earlier this morning. Residential areas have also become dangerous, with many pavements still without grit at 10.30am.

First Great Western and South West Trains have warned of cancellations and long delays across the south-west, leaving many students stranded in Bristol indefinitely.

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