Bristol Beat Oxford For Graduate Employment

Bristol placed 5th in list of universities most targeted by top employers ahead of the more prestigious Oxford University

Students from Bristol University are more employable than their Oxford rivals, as revealed by a recent study.

High Flier Research’s list of the top 20 universities targeted by graduate employers placed Bristol in fifth place, ahead of their recent University Challenge conquerors Imperial.

Next stop KPMG (Photo: ralph and jenny)

Warwick beat the competition to the top of the list, whilst Oxford came a poor seventh behind rivals Cambridge, Durham and Bristol.

Given the large number of Oxbridge rejects who end up at Bristol University, this rare opportunity to gloat is being savoured by many.

“This just shows it’s impossible to gain life experience from a book,” one student told The Tab in response to the news.

Bristol’s high ranking is especially important as many firms are scaling back their recruitment budgets this year, focusing their efforts at just 20 key universities.

Despite these budget cuts, it was recently announced top employers will be recruiting 18,306 graduates this year, up 2.7% on last year’s figures.

Those lucky enough to find graduate employment straight from university can look forward to healthy starting salaries. The country’s top 100 employers pay as much as £45,000 to bankers and £38,000 to lawyers.

At the other end of the scale, public sector jobs offer the lowest salaries of £22,000.


Top 20 Universities Targeted By Top 100 Graduate Employers In 2012-13

  1. Warwick
  2. Nottingham
  3. Manchester
  4. Cambridge
  5. Bristol
  6. Durham
  7. Oxford
  8. Birmingham
  9. Bath
  10. Leeds
  11. Sheffield
  12. Imperial College London
  13. Loughborough
  14. Edinburgh
  15. London School of Economics
  16. University College London
  17. Southampton
  18. Newcastle
  19. Strathclyde
  20. Exeter

Cover Photo: KevBow (flickr)