The Cheapest Show In Town

Douglas Watts let us all know what we’ve been missing at the Victoria Rooms lunchtime concerts.

You might walk past it without a second thought, but magical things go on inside the Victoria Rooms.

Don’t believe me? Just take the time to look at the place.

It looks like the Roman Pantheon, has a hall big enough to swing a dragon, it used to be our Student Union, and has a bar in every main lecture room. Seriously.

But that’s not even the best bit.

Every Wednesday, at about quarter past one, a performance takes place for the fabulous price of…nothing. That’s even cheaper than Sainsbury’s Basics Noodles, folks.

Last term I saw the international award-winning a cappella octet Voces8 perform everything from Bublé to Bach, Stella Maris perform medieval music on authentic instruments, and the Bristol University New Music Ensemble showcase a piece of music using traditional instruments, headphones, and a minidisc recording of the New York subway system.

All for less than a well brewed West-Country Jagerbomb.

Sure, classical music might not be appropriate for the caverns of Motion or the dungeon of Lounge but it’s the ideal soundtrack for a lunchtime break between hours in the library.

Highlights to look out for this term include one of the best professional early music ensembles, The Rose Consort of Viols, who will be performing this Wednesday. They play everything on old violin-like things, which you won’t get to see anywhere else – there aren’t many of them left!

And on Friday March 8th, John Mark Ainsley, one of Britain’s greatest living Tenors, will be gracing Bristol with his presence.

See you there. If you can get a seat.

Music Prof (and university legend) John Pickard urges you to “‘Like’ the Vic Rooms on Facebook… whatever that means.”

You’ll ‘Like’ it. Trust me.