Bristol GIFs: Exam Special!

Tired of studying? We know how you feel…

When someone tells you the essay deadline is a week earlier than you thought:

When a doctor’s note gives you an extension:

Back to 9am lectures!:

When people are noisy in the library:

After 12 hours in the library:

When friends try and get you to go to Lounge two nights before your deadline:

When you listen to music whilst you study:

When a classmate asks if you’ve started the essay yet:

When someone claims to have got a different answer to you on an exam question:

New Year’s resolution: Try and chat up the hot girl from class:

When my tutor congratulates me on a good essay:

When you’ve still got 3000 words to write:

When you confront the tutor who failed you:

When you’re emailed next term’s reading list:

When exams and essays are over and you’re ready to party: