Sexed Up Science Girls Fight Back

Female science students from Bristol parody EU’s ‘It’s A Girl Thing’ campaign video

What are girl scientists really like?  They’re sexy, and they know it.

A group of PhD students have created a video to correct the EU’s misguided image of women in the field of science. Their video, set to LMFAO’s ‘Sexy And I Know It’, is a parody of a one-minute clip made and released by the European Commission earlier this year.  

The EU’s original video, which cost £80,000, aimed to attract more women to science, saying, ‘Science: it’s a girl thing’.  In it, pretty, laughing girls posed in high heels and sunglasses, but this attempt to sex up science badly backfired.

The video, which went viral over the summer, was described by scientists all over the world as “insulting”, “offensive” and “really demeaning”.

Suzi Gage, one of the stars of the parody, told The Telegraph, “We made the video mainly for fun, but also because the original was so awful.  It was really demeaning to women, and contained no science at all – just make-up.”

As the parody shows, top female scientists know that their job is to treat their lab like a well-lit nightclub.  They should dress in short black dresses and outrageous heels and dance provocatively in the hopes of scoring an appropriate male suitor.

It’s clear that girl scientists don’t just pose sexily in front of the cute scientist boy all day.  No, they stick him on a treadmill in a pretend-experiment and then fall over themselves, drunk from the drops of sweat flying from the boy’s jiggling body. Phwoar.

These talented individuals can also do complex mathematical calculations like 1 + 1, a feat only previously achieved by boys.  See for yourself: