Offending Against Their Unholy Laws

Kyle Mulholland explains why the Left have no business telling the CU what to do about women speakers.

Photo: Leonard Bentley

Welfare and Equality are at it again.

The slimy machine that churns out left-wing propaganda and mounts assaults on freedom of conscience has now turned its attention to the Bristol University Christian Union.

Godless feminists have let out shrill cries of outrage over the society’s decision to exclude women from addressing the society unaccompanied.

It is necessary, first, to ask why the society has done this.

Has it done so because its members are overcome with irrational bigotry and hatred of the fair sex? Do they wish to see women relegated to lowly, menial work whilst men do all the important stuff?

No. It’s a question of theology.

Evangelical Christians take Holy Scripture very seriously. They believe it to be the true Word of God all the way through. Thus, its teachings on the earthly order, they assert, are binding on all Christians.

In this case, the CU’s ruling is in accordance with St Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy, which states:

“Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve.” (2:11-13)

More liberal Christians might assert that the Apostle was simply affirming the wisdom of his time, but it is legitimate for faithful people to take the CU approach. So why has such a controversy blown up over the issue?

The Christian Union is an entirely voluntary body. Whilst it is union-affiliated, membership is certainly not compulsory, even for Christian students, let alone for the whole student body.

It would thus seem reasonable to allow the society to choose its own internal policies. Indeed, if members didn’t like it, they are perfectly within their right and have the freedom to set up an alternative organisation. (Anglican Society anyone? Get in touch.)

There are also a few other myths floating around, too. This is not the same issue as the Women Bishops measure rejection, although it does bear some similarities.

In particular, it betrayed the intolerance of the ‘diversity’ brigade towards dissent, and their jackbooted attempts to stamp it out at all costs (which failed). A similar thing might just happen here.

Political correctness is such that the left-wing God-haters believe they have license to tell other people not only what they ought to think, but to punish them for declining to do so.

This smacks of the sort of oppression Christians faced under Soviet communism, but is even more invidious for its pretend endorsement of ‘diversity’. We Believe in Diversity – that is, so long as you do as we say.

(Yet, the left-wingers at the Union have thus far failed to lecture the followers of Islam on the issue of women’s rights. I wonder why this is the case….)

How the Christian Union appoints speakers is their business. Anyone who has been to their events will have experienced their unaffected warmth and kindness. The God of Christianity, according to Mary, ‘hath exalted the humble and meek’.

This is why I fear for the CU, who simply won’t be capable of the ruthlessness that it will experience at the hands of the Equality mob.