21 Days ‘Til Xmas!

Our Tab Advent Calendar continues with a special seasonal helping of Bristol Gifs.

When someone starts playing Christmas songs in the flat:

When someone tells me they liked the Hawthorns Christmas lunch:

What I tell everyone my New Year’s Eve party will be like:

What it’s actually like:

When a girl asks what I want for Christmas:

When I dance topless in Lounge. Expectation:


Meanwhile, at Wills Hall (courtesy of UoBProblems):

When my tutor gives me reading for the Christmas holidays (from Tom Burgess):

When I decide to get buff over the holidays:

When my friend asks me to put posters up for his Christmas party:

When it’s time to open a window on my advent calendar:

When I realise I may as well spend all my money as I’ll get more loan in January:

When I dress as Santa on a night out. Expectation:


Cooking flat Xmas dinner. Expectation:

Reality (both courtesy of Alice Hardy):

When I can’t wait any longer to find out what my presents are:

When someone asks why I’m so excited on Christmas Eve:

And finally, when someone tells me Santa’s not real: