Prof denies setting up uni prostitution site

– Dr John Chalcraft appears to be victim of malicious spoof
– Historian listed as owner of

sponsor a scholar

An LSE professor has denied setting up a website which offers female students up to £15,000 in exchange for sex.

Dr. John Chalcraft is registered as the owner of Sponsor A Scholar, a site which offers wealthy men “a high level of sexual intimacy” if they pay for undergrads’ tuition fees.

Hoax..Dr. Chalcraft appears to be the subject of a nasty hoax

But the History professor appears to be the victim of a malicious spoof, and denies any involvement.

He told The Tab: “I have not registered this or any other internet domain and have no connection with the business that is being operated from this site, or with the person using my name. I have reported this matter to the police.”

Dr Chalcraft, who is an expert in middle eastern history, said he had no idea why the site had been registered to his name and former address.

Anyone can be registered as the owner of a website without their permission, making this kind of hoax incredibly easy.

Sponsor A Scholar claims to match up wealthy donors seeking sex with poor students who can raise between £7,000 and £15,000.

The site says: “Students are committed under the terms of a scholarship to meet with their chosen sponsor between one and four [times] a term, these meetings will always take place in a private location such as a hotel room (the exact number of meetings per term, together with the duration and the level of sexual intimacy expected will form the basis of the scholarship agreement).”


It describes typical sponsors as: “Men between the ages of 28 and 50 who run their own successful business and want to have discreet adventures with a student whilst helping them fund their studies through a scholarship”.

The site’s registration form asks for a dress size and male students are prohibited from completing the process.

But according to technology magazine The Kernel, Sponsor A Scholar is little more than a spoof.

Its registration form no longer works and it uses the company registration number of dating website who deny any involvement.

A spokesman told The Kernel: “The website is not affiliated with in any way and we are in the process of contacting them to legally require that all references to are removed immediately.”