Tab Tries: Late Night Food

The Tab sent Culture editor Jake on a hunt for the best in late-night fine dining.

Our friends - spot the poet

Our Tab Tester and his team tuck in

We’ve all been there: it’s 4am, you’re going home alone and the only thing that can make you feel better about yourself is a suitably greasy kebab.

Bristol students have an endless choice of late-night eateries, each with their own passionate following of regular customers, but this wealth of options can be intimidating to the uninitiated.

Figuring out where the best food can be found is an impossible task when drunk, so The Tab sent Jake Goodman out on a sober(ish) kebab crawl to find Bristol’s best ‘booze food’.


How does this look more appealing when I’m drunk?

Speed – 1/5
Taste – 3/5
Price – 2/5
Friendliness – 2/5
Comfort – 4/5

Having waited 20 minutes for our food and paid £4.50 for a small kebab we weren’t overly impressed with M&M. Everyone inside seemed nice but the food was difficult to eat and this was only made marginally better by the booths. Important to note that it had a mirror so last minute touch ups on the way back with a ‘friend’ are not out of the question.

TOTAL: 12/25

Jason Donervan

Nice guys

Donervan gets thumbs up

Speed – 5/5
Taste – 3/5
Price – 3/5
Friendliness – 5/5
Comfort – 1/5

Jason and his team could give everyone a lesson in speed. With faster fingers than a fumbling Fresher they can make a kebab before you even realise you’re at the front of the queue. They taste good enough when you’re pissed, and let’s face it, who ever has one when sober? Jason and his crew are the friendliest around which more than makes up for the hordes of drunks being tended to by the St. John’s Ambulance.

TOTAL: 17/25

Hunger Hatch

A look of concern on our Tester’s face

Speed – 2/5
Taste – 3/5
Price – 3/5
Friendliness – 2/5
Comfort – 1/5

Discerning food critics that we are at The Tab, we were not impressed with Hunger Hatch’s limited menu. The prices were okay but the chips weren’t great and their idea of customer relations could be described as service with a snarl. We did like the drunken guy outside who started quoting Shakespeare to my mate’s girlfriend however; charming in a slightly creepy way.

TOTAL: 11/25

Piri Piri

Speed – 4/5
Taste – 4/5
Price – 3/5
Friendliness – 3/5
Comfort – 4/5

Wraps: For the sophisticated drunk

A new addition to the Triangle’s collection of late night eateries Piri Piri didn’t disappoint.

Very brightly coloured inside with a tasty and relatively reasonably priced menu we liked it a lot.

The chicken wrap was easy to eat and the toilet could prove very useful for those who can’t quite wait until they get home. Alleyways will have never been cleaner.

TOTAL: 18/25

YoYo Burger

No, we don’t know what Jake has on his hand either…

Speed – 3/5
Taste – 5/5
Price – 2/5
Friendliness – 4/5
Comfort – 5/5

Put simply, our favourite place of the night. The burger we had and the menu wouldn’t look out of place in Central London. Truly delicious and with the option of a Lobster or Wagyu beefburger, YoYo burger may not be the best for the wallet but is definitely the best for the pallet.

TOTAL: 19/25


Although we were impressed with Piri Piri and YoYo Burger (maybe we just really like repetitive names) The Tab couldn’t turn back on its old favourite, Jason Donervan.

Scores be damned, Donervan isn’t just a place to eat but a place to be seen eating. The better food may be found elsewhere, but the social elite will be crowding round Jason’s van for decades to come.