TRiBE of FRoG still spawning great nights

The Tab’s man in the know gives his review of Saturday’s legendary TRiBE of FRoG.

This Saturday, The Black Swan (or the Dirty Duck) hosted TRiBE of FRoG: the best psychedelic party Bristol has to offer, all in the back rooms of a pub on Stapleton Road.

Contrary to the area’s stab-happy credentials, the night was a haven of good vibes and friendly frogs (sometimes too friendly).

The night included the biggest names on the Avon and North Somerset psy-trance circuit; we’re talking no less than F’da F’da, Pieman. Plus the renowned collective OOOD were there to launch their new album, ‘You Think You Are’.

Nice T-shirt mate

Dr G was once again moonlighting from his day job as a porter in the Biology department, delivering a set full of both psy and trance, exchanging his porter uniform for uniform beats. i.e. the same beat over and over and over.

For me, the Black Swan was the perfect venue for celebrating Granddad Frog’s birthday (those who know him, know him).

After two nights at the larger Lakota, only the real stalwarts ventured through the rain to the other side of town, weeding out the dweebs.

The ‘Frogz in Space’ theme is a tried and tested formula. We can’t all be Felix Baumgartner, but for six sweaty hours in the Swan I felt like I too was flying through space, on a collision course for Earth, at one with the universe.

The Frogs were their usual healthy selves, water was the tipple of choice and fresh fruit was circulated throughout the solar system.

When the free Ice Lolly landed on my lips I felt like I, Mr Gurns, had maybe found heaven in this maze of planets and stars.

Frogz in love?

TRiBE of FRoG is one of the few places where dancing is de-sexualised, it’s all about how music can liberate the mind and the body and stuff, I think.

Female frogs can actually dance without being sexually assaulted by the lounging lizards of the Triangle.

Third degree gurns aside, every man, woman and amphibian looked out of this world.

All in all, TRiBE (cool people can call it that) is still yet to disappoint. December brings a rather special New Year’s Eve party at the Black Swan again; see you on the trance-floor

Love and Ribbits,

Mr Gurns