Hassle with your hair-do? Fashion Fix gives you the step-by-step guide to copying the season’s top looks.

Fashion Editor Katie Bend shows us step by step how to create this great look!

Stylish and simple to do, this week I am going to show you how to create a ‘hair bow bun’ – worn by stars such as Lady Gaga (is this a good thing?!) and Sienna Miller (better).

1)      First make sure your hair is thoroughly brushed. I used my Vogetti Mighty Bristle Brush in Medium, which I bought from my hairdressers. It’s a fab brush, and considering it’s a professional’s tool, I could not believe the price tag of £3.50.

2)      You can do a complete ‘up-do’, but I’ve decided to go for the ‘half-up, half-down’ look which I think is prettier. Divide the hair in half, gathering the hair from the crown of the head, as shown.

3)      Begin to tie a pony tail with the hair on the top of your head, but instead make a bun by not pulling all the hair through your hair band on the last ‘twist’, making sure to leave a long tail.

4)      Divide the ‘bun’ in half evenly.

5)      Take your ‘tail’ fold it over the divided bun, right over the middle where you divided the hair.

6)      Tuck the end of the tail underneath the hair band and pin in place with hair grips.

7)      ‘Fluff’ up the ‘bow’ to give it body and to make both sides even. A messy look always works well with this style to make you look less plastic.

8)      Fix in place with plenty of hair spray.