Cartoon Confession Of The Week

Turning the best Uni Confessions into artwork fit for the Louvre…

Not enough posters to cover your bedroom walls? Fear not, the answer is here.

Each week The Tab are turning their favourite Bristol Uni Confessions into gallery-worthy works of artperfect for printing out and putting on that spare patch of wall above your desk. Especially if the confession is about someone you know!

This week, The Tab‘s Fashion Editor and occasional cartoonist Katie Bend gives us her imagining of a marathon session in the sack. Enjoy!

I Just Had Sex

“A friend came up to stay for the weekend. Wanted to show her the best side of Bristol so Friday night at Lounge was an obvious choice.

Got smashed, pulled a fella, back to mine. No condoms at home (being a classy girl I don’t normally do this kind of thing) so woke a housemate at 4am to nab one and got down to do some dirty. So far so good.

However, I spend a lot of time doing a particular endurance power water sport, giving me exceptional stamina in the sack. This meant I was still hard at it several hours later.

In my ecstasy I’d forgotten that I was being collected to take part in said endurance power water sport in the early hours of Saturday morning.Bunch of girlfriends arrived at mine for collection only to hear a cacophony of copulation through my ground floor window.Yell at them to bear with, finish up, double check his name and stumble into the car to Lonely Island’s I JUST HAD SEX from the stereo as the sun rises over a beautiful Bristol morning.Still being absolutely steaming and having seen off a marathon shag, safe to say I didn’t walk straight all morning.”