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It’s that time of week again when we run through all the sports news from the last few days. 

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15:02 As they used to say on the Looney Tunes, ‘That’s All Folks!’ We’ll be back again this week. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to The Bristol Tab’s radio show Scandalmakers for more discussion of the week’s sport. We’re live on air 3-4pm every Friday. Until next time!

14:57 Jamie Clark’s been in touch on the Tweets to make sure we haven’t forgotten the Barracudas. We couldn’t even if we wanted to Jamie (see 13:52) but we’ve always got room for another shout-out. Congrats on the win guys, see you at the Super Bowl (or whatever the Uni version is called)

14:52 Couple more details from that BUCS Table. For the Western region Bristol are 4th, behind BathExeter and Cardiff with Bath and Exeter way out in front. UWE scrape into the Top 10 just ahead of Plymouth. The stats also show that the Women are currently out-performing the Men, hardly surprising given the great Netball and Hockey results from yesterday!

14:48 We finish then with a look at the BUCS Overall Table. Bristol sit in 15th, just nine points ahead of Warwick below them and within touching distance of Cardiff and Oxford above. As it’s always fun to compare the two, UWE are in 33rd whilst leading the pack in first place across the country are Loughborough.

14:44 Okay one last result and then we’re done for the day though we’ll keep an eye on the email and tweets in case your team has been overlooked. We end with Football this week. We saw them fail spectacularly at the Crossbar Challenge earlier but thankfully the Men’s 1s were much better at putting the ball in the back of the net, beating Exeter 4s 5-1.

14:39 Whilst on the subject of Rugby, our Sports Editor Sam Rhodes has been in touch to remind us that it’s not just the netball girls enjoying a great start to the season:

14:35 What was meant to be a lunch break turned into a leftover-Chinese break but it still did the job. We even found time to upload a new article in our Campus Stereotypes feature. Think this one should sound quite familiar to a lot of the rugby boys

14:00 Okay, we’re going to take a well-earned lunch break before we come back with the last of yesterday’s results. In the meantime, meet Brystal Palace, in the first of a new weekly feature following the intra-mural hopefuls.

13:52 We’re not just focused on Wednesday’s action here. As someone quite rightly pointed out to us last week sport is played on other days of the week too. On Sunday, the American Football team got their campaign underway with a 21-6 win for the Men’s 1s against the Worcester 1s.

13:51 If you’re looking to get active but feel like sport isn’t for you, check out the Fit and Fabulous Society’s events. This Saturday they’re holding a free indoor Surf Fitness session.

13:50 Back to the Tennis and one more result for you. The Men’s 2s won 10-2 against Gloucestershire 2s.

13:47 Don’t forget to get involved either on Twitter or in the comments below. Next up we have some Table Tennis news. The Men’s 1s won their cup game against Exeter 1s 13-4. Elsewhere on the indoor courts, the Badminton Women’s 1s were awarded a walkover against Cardiff Met 1s after the Welsh uni failed to field a team.

13:45 The naked calendar was of course used by the Netball team to raise money last year and word on campus is that the girls have stripped off once more to help raise funds. It seems that some people might have had an advance preview though…

13:43 Of course we are a news organisation so we should give a balanced report on the Bristol Jets fundraising efforts.

13:41 After a couple of bad results it’s only fair that we brighten the mood with some good news. Get the feeling this will make our male readers (and perhaps some of the females) very happy.

13:38 Another Hockey result now. The Men’s 5s lost 11-1 away to Swansea 1s, the gulf in class proving to be too much. Whilst we’re delivering bad news, here’s another bad result for Bristol, this time in Lacrosse. The Women’s 2s lost 9-13 to Exeter 2s.

13:36 More Basketball news next, courtesy of Victoria Au, your LGBT Officer.

13:31 We’ve already mentioned the nail-biting draw between Bristol and Exeter in the Lacrosse but what we didn’t tell you was that Bristol’s equaliser came with just 15 seconds left on the clock. Tense. Check out this video from the match.

13:28 Some more reaction from those Netball results now. Again, massive congrats to all three teams. Will the winning streak continue next week?

13:23 There were mixed fortunes in the Tennis yesterday. The Men’s 1s overcame Cardiff 1s 10-2, only for the Women’s 1s to lose by the same scoreline to Exeter 1s.

13:22 Sticking with football, UBTV Sport went along to the 1s training session recently and got them to take part in Crossbar Challenge. Safe to say there were a mixed bag of attempts. Check the video out below:

13:20 Plenty of goals in the Football yesterday but unfortunately not all of them for Bristol. The Men’s 2s did well to win a close game against Cardiff Medics 1s 2-1. The 3s did even better, smashing seven past the Plymouth 3s in a 7-2 win. There was no luck for the 4s though who were humiliated by the UWE 1s in a 1-8 reverse.

13:19 Staying with Squash there was also a win for the Women’s 2s 4-0 against Bournemouth 1s.

13:16 Into the world of indoor sports now and Squash in particular. There were cup games for some of the Men’s teams with the 3s losing 5-0 to Aberystwyth 1s whilst the 2s overcame Bournemouth 1s in a 3-2 win.

13:13 Every week here at The Tab we choose an MVP of the week. This Monday it was the women’s cricket co-captains Lily Brown & Riti Patel. If you’ve got someone to nominate whose been in outstanding form for your side, let us know in the comments below.

13:11 There was more than just international Football to keep your eye on yesterday with Bristol’s teams in action too. As with England, the Women’s 1s suffered a disappointing defeat 0-1 to Portsmouth 1s. However as far as we know there were no Zlatan-style wonder goals to be seen.

13:06 A bit of a come-down now with a couple of Lacrosse results. The Women’s 1s were unlucky in defeat away to the Exeter 1s 12-7, whilst the Men’s 1s were held in deadlock by their Exeter counterparts in a 6-6 draw.

13:03 From one ball game with a hoop to another now as we switch our attention to Basketball. The Men’s 2s had a humdinger (people really don’t use that word enough) of a match against the Bournemouth 2s which went right to the wire. Bristol came out on top though, winning by the narrowest of margins, 56-55.

12:58 Can anyone stop Bristol Netball at the moment? Forget POTW, we might have early contenders for TOTS – Team Of The Season! (Yes, we are making these awards up as we go along.) Yesterday brought a clean sweep for all 3 sides with the 1s and 3s also enjoying cup victory. The 1s overcame Southampton to win 41-26 whilst the 3s utterly demolished Cardiff 51-7. As we’ve come to expect from the Netball girls, Twitter was flooded with post-match reaction.

12:55 There was cup action in the Netball too with the Bristol 2s away to Gloucestershire 2s. A close game saw Bristol run out winners 43-33.

12:53 Rugby next and the guys do our job for us by summing up yesterday’s action in a single tweet. Not a great afternoon for the 1s and 2s but congrats to the 3s and 4s for their wins.

12:48 In the other Women’s Hockey matches there was a cup win for the 4s against Gloucestershire 2s3-1. The 1s however lost 0-2 to the Exeter 1s.

12:46 It wasn’t all good news for our female Hockey players though. The Women’s 2s lost  3-0 in the Western Conference Cup to the UWE 1s.

12:43 Making an early bid for Tab POTW (writing the whole thing out is going to get tiresome very quickly) are the Hockey Women’s 3s who absolutely walloped Swansea yesterday. The score? Only 19-0! After a result like that the girls shouldn’t have needed to buy a drink at all last night.

12:41 Before we start, we have to mention that goal from the England v Sweden game last night. We’re going to indulge our inner 606 a bit here. Anyone ever scored a better goal than that? FIFA doesn’t count.

12:37 Yesterday was a typically frantic day of sport at Bristol Uni. Be sure to get in touch with your team’s results and any post-match gossip you’re keen to share. We’ve already got a few contenders for Tab Performance of the Week but it’s not too late for your team to make a bid for the title!