UBTV: Picks Of The Week

This week’s UBTV helping contains surreal comedy, live music and some very questionable dancing.

Each week, the lovely people over at UBTV will be hand-picking their best content to share with Tab readers.


This week, the Comedy department is up and running with a couple of highly surreal sketches from their Comedy Squeeze series, whilst the rest of the UBTV gang were helping raise money for charity at the recent Oxjam/Oxfam event.

Just For Kicks

This is a different tempo from the other nights that UBTV have covered. As the clever pun Oxjam suggests, the gig was used to raise funds for Oxfam.

Our very own Head of Music, Naomi Larsson performed at the event and in a surreal series of events was also interviewed by UBTV. There’s also performances and increasingly intoxicated interviews from UBTV favourites Tidy Street and first time UBTVers New Carnival with Jungle VIP completing the line-up.

There were more than enough UBTV committee members on hand to film the night as the majority of the committee were there anyway so it turned into a UBTV social. All in all it was a top night for a great cause.

Comedy Squeeze

Our Comedy department has been the busiest department this last week, writing, filming and editing two episodes of Comedy Squeeze already.

Comedy Squeeze is a running series of short sketches designed for the student audience. The first two followed each other out in quick succession and show just how focused our Comedy Department is .

Horse Play introduces you to Sebastian, the horse that thinks he is a car and  FB Luving U asks who are the too good to be true girls that mysteriously add you at 4 in the morning.

I am not sure anyone even the Comedy Department itself could tell you what will come out of the next squeeze of Comedy Squeeze but I am sure it will be just as hilarious. This latest episode of Comedy Squeeze has helped us over the 22,000 views mark on Youtube with an average 400 views per video which is quality news for us.