Spearmint Strippers Heading To Bristol

Lap-dancing chain Spearmint Rhino have announced plans to open a new exclusive club in Bristol

Controversial lap-dancing chain Spearmint Rhino have announced plans to open a club in Bristol

The international brand, whose Tottenham Court Road venue is a celebrity hotspot, moves to Bristol despite recent attempts by the council to restrict the number of strip clubs in the city.

One strip club, [email protected], recently lost its licence after the council deemed it was “poorly managed” and “promoted too explicitly”.

Spearmint Rhino are likely to meet stern opposition from feminist groups and other campaigners in Bristol. Hooters, the American restaurant chain known for its buxom waitresses, has already been forced out of town.

Reaction to the news has so far been mixed, though perhaps unsurprisingly, many guys have been thrilled with the news.

On Twitter, one ‘lad’ could barely contain his excitement, declaring “Spearmint Rhino opening in Bristol?? Yes yes yes! #pervertedtweet”

“The objectification of women is bad, but breasts are good. It’s a real conundrum” said one confused fourth-year student.

Strip clubs aren’t for everybody though it seems. One male student found the news disappointing, declaring that “no self-respecting person would ever pay to expose themselves to something like that”.

Many women have also expressed disappointment at the news, labelling it as ‘depressing’. One Twitter user even suggested a boycott, calling on all organisations to refuse to enter into a property deal with the lap-dancing chain.

Negotiations over the move to Bristol are still some way from being completed, but it seems unlikely that a few dissenting voices will be able to stop this global franchise from making a corner of Bristol its own.