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Bristol’s Netball players enjoying some post-game downtime
Photo: Jamie Corbin

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14:35 Okay, so that five became thirty very quickly. We’re almost done for the day here but before we go, let’s check the overall BUCS Points table. We have no idea what this really means but considering Bristol have risen from last week’s 27th to 14th, we feel it’s worth bragging about. UWE have dropped to 28th. Don’t rub it in too much.

14:06 We’re going to take five but keep sending in your tweets. Whilst we’re away, why don’t you get to know this week’s Tab MVP, Charlie Makepeace.

13:58 It’s been a while since we mentioned them so let’s return to the Netball team and get some more feedback on yesterday’s results.

13:55 Anyone here out for the UBSC Pub Golf last night? Sounds like there were some interesting drinking challenges going on…

Sam Rhodes: “Saw people in The Hill doing shots off a ski with shot glasses gaffa taped to it”

13:53 Roving reporter Sam Rhodes has been hitting the Tweets. Here’s some more “banter” from the Hockey players ahead of their social last night.

13:51 Table Tennis might not be the most eye-catching of sports, but it is when we win! Bristol Men’s 1s were 13-4 winners against Glamorgan 1s yesterday.

13:48 If you cast your eyes back to 12:24, you’ll see that the Men’s 1s were victorious against Cardiff Medics in the Rugby yesterday. Here’s one of the rugby player’s in-depth analysis of the game:

13:46 Back to the indoor sports, specifically Badminton. The Bristol Women’s 1s were 8-0 winners against Glamorgan 1s, however the Men’s 1s let the side down, losing 3-5 to Cardiff 1s.

13:41 After we got our hands on the Hockey Social Guide, it’s quickly become our favourite sport. Here’s a little insight into the journey home for the Men’s 2s yesterday after their draw in Cardiff.

13:38 Back to Hockey, and the kind of result which deserves a national holiday. Bristol Women’s 1s managed an absolutely whopping 8-1 win against the Oxford 1s, providing all Bristol students at the game with a rare sense of superiority over their illustrious opponents.

13:35 Now time for everybody’s favourite indoor sport/non-alcoholic beverage: SquashBristol Men’s 2s got a great 3-2 win against Southampton 1s. The Men’s 3s weren’t as lucky, losing by the same scoreline to Cardiff 1s. Finally, the Women’s 2s shared the spoils with Swansea 1s in a 2-2 draw.

13:30 A few more results trickling in. In Hockey, the Women’s 2s clinched a 3-1 win against Cardiff Met 2s. The Men’s 1s weren’t as fortunate, losing 2-3 to Oxford 1s.

13:22 From Lacrosse to Tennis, and more good news for Bristol University. The Women’s 1s & 2s both secured 12-0 victories yesterday, against Cardiff Met 1s and Swansea 1s respectively.

13:18 The last of the Lacrosse results are in. Bristol Men’s 1s suffered an agonising 6-9 defeat at home to Oxford 1s, but things went much better for the Women’s 2s who got a big 26-0 win against local rivals Bath 2s.

13:15 There are apparently other university sports besides Netball but it seems to be all we’re hearing about at the moment. Two more results from yesterday to give you. The Bristol 2s won 44-21 against Cardiff Met 3s, and there was also an emphatic win for the 3s, 52-13 against Southampton 3s. No wonder the girls were out in force celebrating last night!

13:11 Time to turn to the less popular form of egg chasing, Rugby League and Bristol Men’s 1s were narrowly beaten 28-20 away from home against the Oxford 2s.

13:08 More from the Netball team who have dominated our Twitter feed in the last 24 hours.

13:05 We don’t understand how the scoring in Fencing works so we’ve got no idea if this match (bout? fight?) was high-scoring or dull as dish water. It certainly sounds exciting though: Bristol Women’s 1s narrowly losing 111-113 to Plymouth Women’s 1s.

13:02 Our big Sports story of the week here at The Tab has been a look back at the first ubrub race of the year. As usual, the race was extremely eventful, though we should point out that not every race features a fight with a tramp.

12:59 Here’s some more uni Football results for you and unfortunately they’re a mixed bag. The Men’s 2s managed to battle to a 2-1 win against Southampton Solent 2s but the Men’s 4s weren’t as lucky, losing 2-4 to Southampton 4s.

12:53 Let’s go Intra-Mural Football for a second, if only to keep our culture editor Jamie happy. Hiatt Baker B’s got a ‘smashing’ 3-0 win over Law on the downs yesterday, which we can only assume led to their players all singing ‘We fought the law, and we won’.

12:50 Away from drunken shenanigans and back to results. Whilst Simms (see 12:29) might have had a great day on the football pitch, our other teams fared less well. Bristol Women’s 1s lost 0-3 to Chichester 1s (no, I didn’t know Chichester had a university either!) whilst the Men’s 1s also lost by a three-goal margin, 1-4 to Cardiff Met 1s.

12:47 Based on this tweet from fellow Netball player Ellie, it seems the Netball social took its usual share of prisoners…

12:42 We want to hear all your Sports Night gossip too of course. Seems the Netball team were out causing trouble in their Baywatch gear. What other fancy dress did we see?

12:39 Don’t forget you can get involved via Twitter as well. We’ve got Lacrosse results next. Bristol Women’s 1s lost 6-7 to Oxford Women’s 1s, whilst the Men’s 2s were absolutely thrashed away from home 22-0 by Aberystwyth Men’s 1s.

12:37 We mentioned the Netball results at the start of today’s feed. Here’s some reaction to that tense 42-42 draw for the 1s against Bath.

12:34 Back to results we do know for definite, starting with Hockey. The Bristol Men’s 2s were held to a 2-2 draw away from home against Cardiff Met Men’s 2s. The Women’s 4s were more successful, racking up a 3-1 win against Cardiff Met Women’s 3s.

12:29 We haven’t received official confirmation of this result, but based on Daniel Simms’ Twitter feed the Bristol Men’s Football 3s were 7-2 winners away at Exeter yesterday. No word yet on whether Simms matched his goalscoring feat from last week.

12:27 I am reliably informed we have more post-match feedback on those rugby victories (and defeat for the 4s) still to come.

12:24 It wouldn’t be Sportsweek without hearing from the Rugby teams and luckily for us UBRFC have done our work for us and put their results out on Twitter. Take it away boys.

12:20 From Netball to the highly similar Basketball next. Bristol Women’s 1s were beaten 47-62 by Southampton Women’s 1s. 

12:16 Right, let’s get cracking. As they are our featured photo of the week, it seems only fair to start with the Netball results. Bristol 1s drew 42-42 with Bath 2s in what sounds like a very entertaining game. Elsewhere, the Bristol 4s weren’t quite as lucky, losing 30-36 to Newport 1s.

12:07 It’s a delayed kick-off time today, but don’t blame me. Somebody forgot to close the roof. How was everybody’s Wednesday? If you’ve got something to get off your chest, luckily the Bristol equivalent of 606 is here. Tweet or email us your reactions to yesterday’s sporting action.