Sgt. Pepper’s only darts club planned

A group of second years have got together to fill a notable gap in the Union’s societies list

There’s a Pancake Society dedicated to the eating of pancakes, a Pokémon Trainer Society for “distinguished Champions of the Elite Four”, and even a Zombie Apocalypse Network, for whatever it is they even do.

Yet, if you just wanted to drink a few beers, eat a few pies and chuck a few darts in the company of your peers, the university would be unable to cater for you. Until now.

Inaugural President Alex Lyne mid-throw

Second year Alex Lyne was so shocked at the lack of darts opportunities on offer at Bristol that he set about over the summer forming BUDS, Bristol University Darts Society.

His dream: that aspiring Phil ‘The Power’ Taylors of the university could all be united by their common passion.

This is no mere excuse to hide raucous social activities behind a façade of organisation and purpose. Lyne has had to jump through numerous hoops in his pursuit of union affiliation.

As well as drafting a constitution and collecting signatures from would-be members, he’s had to prove that the society’s founding is not just an exercise is CV bolstering. In fact, it couldn’t be further from it.

BUDS’ plans extend much further than fortnightly socials at Riley’s and ill-fitting polo shirts. They’ll start by arranging tournaments for their members, but from these they hope to build a team to play matches against other universities in the South West like Exeter.

They have also made an important discovery: UWE has its own darts society, so don’t be surprised if come March there is a Varsity grudge match fought out in Fortress Riley’s.

Bullseye: finally a place for all those aspiring Phil Taylors

The long term plan includes the creation of an intramural league so other societies can go head to head with one another (Tab team anyone?).

A rather generous sponsorship deal from partners Riley’s will hopefully allow them to subsidise trips to the Ally Pally as well as fulfilling Lyne’s dream: to put on a large scale exhibition match between two well-known darts professionals, in Bristol.

For now, they must concentrate on winning their affiliation to the union (decision pending November 5th) and growing their membership. The second ever social will surely be an historic occasion.

To get involved with BUDS and join Alex & co. on their odyssey, you can check out their Facebook here. Why not check out tonight’s social at Riley’s too.