UBTV: Picks Of The Week

Each week we’ll be bringing you the best videos from UBTV. This week it’s UBTV @ Freshers!


Each week, the lovely people over at UBTV will be hand-picking their best content to share with Tab readers. 


This week, we have the very best of their Freshers’ Fortnight material. Bravely going where no sober man has gone before, UBTV took cameras into some of the wildest Freshers’ nights out to see what they could learn. Turns out, not a lot.

Freshers’ Day 3: Po Na Na

Tab Reaction: This video is a perfect example of why toga parties are a horrendous idea. Mainly because they attract people like the guy at 1:35.

Freshers’ Ball At Motion

Tab Reaction: Not going to lie, we snarfed out our milk when Jake dropped the periods question. Not club-appropriate chat. Can’t lie, we’re gutted by the lack of Tinchy but the creation of his new French nickname almost makes up for it.

To see more from the UBTV gang, head to their Youtube channel now: http://www.youtube.com/user/UBTVstation/videos?view=0