This week, the Tab MVP spotlight focuses on UBWFC Captain and Goalkeeper Katie Farrell.

The Physics student who has it good: A steady supply of potatoes, football and enthusiasm

This week’s MVP is Katie Farrell: Captain of UBWFC, Goalkeeper, Irish.

She plays Gaelic Football at home in Ireland – no one’s really sure what that is, but if it helps with her goalkeeping then we love it.

International-level sport is not to be sneezed at, and UBWFC are definitely grateful to the Irish and their intriguing sports if it means they get keepers like Farrell.

Katie takes her new captaincy seriously, fitting it in somehow between her combined Physics and Maths degree. Those who take such a horrific combination of subjects

are used to toughening up: ‘’I knew it would be quite a lot of work, but I enjoy that type of thing’’. Evidently Physics students are odd. We should all aspire to be like them.

Katie takes her sporting ambitions seriously. ‘’I also play for Bristol Ladies Union on a Sunday. I think that the more you play the more you improve. As a goalkeeper I do less in games so I have the energy to play more matches”.

“I looooveee potatoes”

Captain is an important position, and Katie understands there are many aspects beyond mere leadership. When asked why she took the position, Katie explained ‘’I suppose it gives you a bit of respect and authority amongst the new Freshers, but the rest still bully me all the time. It’s a great club, so I just want to make sure it stays that way.’’

The Tab would just like to clarify that there has been no actual bullying of the club captain, just perhaps a few Irish potato-related jokes to keep up team morale. To maintain this, we felt obliged to ask, does she like potatoes?

“I looooveee potatoes, I certainly miss good ole Irish spuds’’ Katie says, cheerfully confirming the Irish stereotype.

This year, UBWFC were promoted to the BUCS Southern Premier League. Moving up to the top division is a big step, and one which will impact upon the team as a whole and add further importance to Katie’s role as Captain.

‘’It’s going to be difficult,’’ Katie admitted. ‘’A lot of the teams we play will have players doing degrees in sport, so our aim for the first team is to stay in the premier league and enjoy football while doing it. We also hope to build a second team so we can enter them into a BUCS league next year.’’

UBWFC winning Varsity last term. The team were delighted to show UWE who was boss and the celebrations were big. Many of the players are still hungover from that night.

Entering two teams into a BUCS league and having one of them in the Premier Division would be a huge achievement for UBWFC.

‘’Women’s football is the fastest growing female sport in the UK’’, says Katie. ‘’The success of the World Cup, the Super League, and most recently the Olympics has had female footballers in the media, which is what they deserve for all the hard work they put in. The skill and commitment of women in football is increasing by the minute, so it all bodes well for the future.’’

But will there still be a social element to the newly promoted side, or will it all just be hard work?

‘’Initiation is a vital event on the club calendar’’, laughs Katie. ‘’It’s a good chance for the freshers and old players to get to know one another off the football field while looking and acting like idiots. UBWFC will be out in force next Wednesday night and for many Wednesdays to come!’’