Lock-in is a Sell-out!

Students flocked to Cabot Circus Lock-In in search of the ultimate fashion bargains.

Can we all agree Cabot Circus is Bristol’s shopping Mecca? Did you almost pass out when you first realised you could get 10% off with that little student card of yours?

You’re not alone as this Monday saw the entire Bristol Student population in cardiac arrest at the Cabot Circus Student Lock-in.

Queues for the lock-in

With some stores having up to 50% off, the event offered students across Bristol a one-night-only opportunity to get as much swag for their loan as they could.

As well as the usual Student discount outlets such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters the evening saw discounts across even the most unlikely of stores.

Even the intimidating, blow –your-loan store of Harvey Nichols was offering Students a one night discount.

Unsurprisingly these affordable prices attracted a swarm of skint students, bringing with them mammoth queues. Worst hit were Topshop and Shuh both of which saw queues out the door. Students ensured me it was worth the wait: ‘I’ve been queuing for an hour’ Zoe Cochrane from UWE told me in Topshop, ‘but it’s worth it!’

As well as hefty discounts and price slashing, stores across Cabot offered free giveaways. Zumo Smoothies hosted a lucky dip offering free smoothies to its lucky winners whilst Bunker’s goody bags were trending on twitter for their student essentials of free sweets and condoms.

Twitter was bombarded by excited students ahead of the Lock-In

What was clear was that this was not one for the oldies, what with Dubstep blaring from Quakers Friars and Vodka Revs taking up camp in Urban Outfitters, it made for a thrifty students haven, and I am sure that Bristol and UWE are all shopped out.