Bristol stood up by two-timing Exeter

Fixture cock-up leaves Bristol’s Football team with nobody to play with.

Anyone for a game? Anyone?
Picture: Gene Hunt

The university’s football club were left high and dry on Wednesday, arriving in Exeter only to discover there was nobody to play against. They were left to experience the humiliation (all too familiar to The Tab) of being ‘that kid’ who nobody wants to play with and doesn’t get picked, a first for most of these fine athletes.

It became apparent that though the fixture was organised a good time in advance, fixture secs from both clubs had failed to confirm with each other, and Exeter arranged another match against Bath. When Bristol got off their coach after a journey of almost two hours, there was no opposition to greet them.

Football club captain Callum Keown declined to comment, not wishing to make mountains out of molehills, however both clubs tweeted about the event.

Exeter extended their sincerest apologies to Bristol, the club captain nobly accepting responsibility:

Meanwhile, Bristol firmly lumped the blame on the incompetency of their match sec:

The Tab understands that everything was resolved swiftly, put down to nothing more than a communication cock-up between the two clubs (nonetheless something that the respective fixture secs likely paid for at their following socials).

There is certainly no animosity between the clubs extending further than the healthy footballing rivalry/hatred that has existed between these West Country giants for many years. Exeter were even kind enough to pay the costs of Bristol’s coach travel.

The trip down the M5 was not all in vain for Bristol: Exeter’s club captain told The Tab that he ’embarrassedly suggested they just play against themselves which they did’, with Bristol coming out as undisputed victors with a thumping win.

We weren’t there to see it, but it probably looked something like this: