Is this the end of the Pre-Lash?

University bans drinking in rooms during Freshers Fortnight

Freshers who pre-drink in their rooms will be hit with a £50 fine and forced to attend alcohol awareness classes.

Under the new rule, brought in to attract more people to hall bars, students are banned from drinking in their rooms or kitchens.

Some students even had emails sent to their parents, requesting that they prevent their children from arriving at university with an excessive amount of alcohol.

Pre-drinking could cost you £50

News of the ban quickly spread over social media and was largely met with disbelief by former first-years. One recent graduate claimed it would “kill the spirit of Freshers”.

The Goldney Hall handbook threatens a £50 fine and warns freshers: “Please note that it is our policy that residents should not drink alcohol in their rooms, or in accommodation areas of the hall such as kitchens, during the first two weeks of the accommodation contract.”

Pre-lash scenes like this could become a thing of the past.

The motivation for the new rule is thought to be to increase bar profits in the halls, which, in a change from previous years, are now managed centrally by the university.

However, some halls of residence have widely admitted that the new rule won’t be enforced. A statement from Hiatt Baker claims the ban’s purpose is ‘for guidance’ only.

So far it has been ignored by the vast majority of students. “It’s rubbish” admitted Jamie Jessop, who is on the Hiatt Baker JCR. “Nobody’s paid any attention to it.”

This is not the first time the university has tried to tackle the ‘binge culture’ of Freshers Week. Last year, plans were revealed to reduce Freshers Week from seven days to only three, until widespread backlash from the student body caused the university to abandon its plans.