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Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what you should do to stay fit at uni

Staying fit at uni is hard. Between rushing 10-minutes late to lectures, prepping for nights out, getting lost in Lidl and maintaining your coffee addiction - finding the time to exercise is nearly impossible.

Luckily for you, we have a time-saving solution. Take this quiz and we'll tell you exactly what you should do to stay fit at uni, without the hassle of actually trying out for anything:

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Why do you want to start exercising?

You should start

We don’t mean running away from your problems. We mean proper running, as in getting some cushioned trainers, buying some kind of neon-coloured clothing and putting one foot in front of the other at varying speeds to music. Not only is running great cardio, but it’s also student budget-friendly - no expensive, never-to-be-actually used gym memberships for you. Nope. All you need is yourself and a lil’ bit of motivation to put on your running kit and step out of the house. Like the life motto goes - “If Forest Gump can do it, I can do it”.

No matter whether you’re a sporting pro or just starting out, Decathlon has everything you’ll need to stay fit at uni – click here to browse now