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Erm, you can get *all* the perks of Priority on O2, without being tied into a contract

Get free Greggs, free drinks, queue-jumping tickets and more!

Everything feels really expensive nowadays. From renting a room to your morning macchiato, every little hit leaves your wallet feeling emptier than ever before. 

But, what if I told you there was a brand new, flexible way to pay monthly for your phone – and it includes HUGE perks, exciting discounts and even the odd freebie? Being tied to a phone plan can make you feel trapped, as if you’re stuck in a *really* small lift with someone you just know had an egg sandwich for lunch. Well now, with O2, your only option isn’t being tied to a long-term contract.

O2 has launched its brand new Rolling Plan – perfect for people looking for something more flexible, with the same amount of perks. You can have your cake and eat it, too, with benefits like full access to Priority, as well as international minutes, and free roaming in the EU. Your unused data and minutes will roll over to the next month, too – so if you don’t use all your allowance this month, you can use it next month instead. All this, without the burden of a big, long contract.

The best part? Monthly plans start at 10 GB for just £10 a month, but if you sign up now you can get 25GB until the 28th December*. We know that month-to-month, your financial situation can change, and so you can change your plan, up and down to suit you (and feel free to opt out at any point, obvs). Here are some of the best bits you can get via a Rolling Plan

Priority Offers

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Love free food and drink? Of course you do. With Priority, you can get two free drinks at selected Sizzling Pubs, O’Neills, All Bar One and Ember Inns every Thursday from 5pm to close. Whether you want to sip on a complimentary cocktail, kick-back with a soft drink or grab a pint with a pal – the choice is yours.

Or, maybe you fancy a free tasty treat from Greggs? Every weekend you can choose from a free Breakfast Roll, Sausage Roll or Vegan Sausage Roll – plus, you can even get a free hot drink available on any day of the week from 7am until close. Roll on the good times.

Priority Tickets

From Self Esteem to Russell Howard, there’s something for everyone on Priority Tickets. You can get access to tickets to stand-up and music gigs up to 48 hours before anyone else when you sign up to Priority, when on O2’s new Rolling Plan. Be first in line to see the likes of Maisie Peters, John Mulaney and Benny Atlas, as well as queue-jumping and cloakroom access.

Data Rollover

o2 rolling plan

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You don’t need to feel like you’re wasting your data during a slow social media month anymore! All your unused mega-and-gigabytes of data will roll over to the next month on O2’s Rolling Plan. Use up as much as you like, and anything you have left over will be added onto your allowance 30 days later.

International Minutes

o2 rolling plan

Want to ring someone in another country, but don’t want to incur those nasty international charges? Luckily, with the £15, £20 and £30 Rolling Plan, you now have the ability to speak to friends and family in 42 different countries around the world, at no extra cost. Including France, Spain and Poland – all the way to Australia and Canada.

Free EU Roaming


Sign up for O2’s Rolling Plan here!

We all want to use our phones on holiday the same way we do at home. And O2 are the only major network provider not bringing back roaming charges, so you can use your data, minutes and texts as usual. Don’t worry about posting all your FOMO holiday pics on Instagram; live-tweeting minute-by-minute coverage of the local cuisine, or making sure the sea is *just* in view when it’s time to BeReal. You’ll get a text when you land, just so you know you’re safe to keep on using your data.

For all of these perks and so much more, you can switch to O2’s zero commitment Rolling Plan here.

Recurring card payment required to benefit from Rolling Plan extra minutes and data (vs standard Big Bundles). Data rollover available on £10, £15, £20 and £30 Rolling Plans only. Up to 100% of your data allowance can be rolled over each month and total bundle data is capped at 200% at any time. Data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Cancel at any time. Benefits lost if cancelled. Eligibility and terms apply, ask in-store today or see o2.co.uk/terms.