Here’s how you could WIN £9,250 in cash for a piece of uni work

That’s a whole year’s tuition fees paid for

The first term of uni is in full swing and so are the assignments and exams. Are you tired yet? Stressed? In need of a well-deserved reward? Of course you are! Adobe appreciates this, so they’re offering students a chance to win £9,250, i.e. a YEAR’S tuition fees. But wait – it doesn’t stop at £9k, they have a total of £24,500 in cash prizes on offer.

Adobe is offering over £9k in CASH to a student who sends them an impressive piece of work they’ve made using Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is back with the Adobe Digital Edge Awards for a second year, and this time it’s bigger and better with double the number of prizes. Not only will two winners receive £9,250 cash, there will also be six runner ups who will win £1000 EACH.

If you’re thinking to yourself: “This sounds great but I don’t have time to create a whole new piece of work”, don’t panic because you have the choice to enter a piece of coursework you’ve ALREADY done.

Already got a piece of coursework ready to go? Enter it here NOW

YouTuber Max Fosh sums it up perfectly in this clip:

The brief:

To keep things fair, Adobe wants to ensure students with all levels of skill have a chance at winning some cash, so the brief you’re given depends on what you study. Those studying art, design and other creative courses – where you’re likely to be more familiar with Creative Cloud tools – will work to a different brief. This way, you’ll only be judged against those with a similar skillset.

• Brief for students who are not studying to be a creative pro (that’s subjects like history, business and education) = show us how you have brought digital literacy (that’s using digital tools to solve problems and communicate effectively) to your university coursework.
• Brief for students who are studying to be a creative pro = reimagine a written essay into a digital piece of work

The work you submit can be in the form of a video essay, infographic, documentary, news report, magazine, podcast or loads more. The Creative Cloud apps include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro. If you don’t think you have access to these, check your uni website as many unis offer the Creative Cloud apps to their students.

‘Efficiency in Architecture – Algorithmic Design’ – One of the winners of last year’s Digital Edge Awards

Fancy £9,250 cash in the bank? Upload your coursework here to enter the Digital Edge Awards

How to enter:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Dig out a piece of coursework from this academic year that you’ve already made using Creative Cloud, jazz up some old coursework, or create something new

Step 3: Upload your project on the Digital Edge Awards website

Step 4: Sit back and wait to see if you’ve won the cash prize

The competition is open to all UK university students. Entries are open now and close on 31st May 2022!

‘The Magstripe Card’ – One of the winners from a UCL student last year

It’s over £9k in cash – what are you waiting for? Get your coursework uploaded right now