Quiz: Style your uni room and we’ll tell you what kind of person you are

Your bedroom aesthetic says it all


Happy Results Day! Styling your bedroom is arguably the most exciting part about moving into a new uni room. It’s like a blank canvas that you can throw your personality onto. This is definitely even more enjoyable when the room is already clean, stylish and (most importantly) not covered in mould. Student Roost have loads of beautiful properties around the country which you can make your own. With all the added social hubs, rooftop space and year-round events you can have fun both in and outside of your room too.

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Walking into anyone’s bedroom instantly gives away their personality. Whether it’s the fairy lights, the overwhelming number of houseplants or the LED sign over their bed, there’s no doubt that each of our bedroom aesthetics gives a direct insight into the people we truly are. Take our quiz below and design your uni room so we can guess your persona.