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As a student, money is tight. Maintenance grants help but, with all the (basically) mandatory nights out, pre-drinks and outfit changes on top of rent, food and travel, most students accept early on that uni equals ZERO spare cash.

Or, so they think. Thanks to Chip’s clever AI programme you can start putting money away for all the essentials – weekly ASOS orders, 24-bedroom country estates, one of a kind supercars, dinner dates with A-list celebs, that kind of thing – without any effort on your part at all.

Want to be able to afford your dream wardrobe and maybe even one day have enough for a house deposit?

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Then, once you’ve had two auto-saves, you’ll receive the FREE £10 (which will be credited to your chip account within 30 days)!!! Chip’s AI is smart enough to save just the right amount of money – enough to be useful (i.e. not pennies – the average automatic save is around £20), but not so much that you’ll notice your bank balance dropping.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start getting rich…


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What are you waiting for?

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