Here’s how to watch all your favourite celebrities beat each other up on Thursday

It’s SO much better than uni fight night

Raining outside and don’t want to leave the house? No problem. Still in your pyjamas and can’t be bothered to change? No pressure. Have only pennies in your account and can’t afford expensive snacks? Microwave popcorn it is.

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s something about watching famous people punch each other that’s priceless. And, thanks to FAME MMA you can now get the best seats in the house (i.e. your house) for only FIVE POUNDS!!!


Click here to sign up to stream FAME MMA’s celebrity fights for only a fiver now – hurry, offer ends 8th December!

On Saturday 14th December, FAME MMA will be live streaming the fights straight from the Newcastle Arena. The night will see 10 celebrities go head-to-head in the ring:

Scott T v Stevie Bear
Ally law v Joseph Henderson 
Joel JMX  v Wojtek 
Dapper vs Harvey (so solid crew)
Callum Markie v Casey barker 
Sam  Gowland v Marty Mckenna 
Ashley Marie  vs Georgia Harrison 
Andrew Henderson v Mike Fox


Here’s how to sign up to watch:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Fill in the various details needed (don’t panic, there’s nothing unexpected)

Step 3: Get ready to rummmbbbbbllle

Plus, if you want to get this for FREE make sure to download Curve, an app that connects all your cards into one smart app. Curve is offering £5 free when you sign up using code FAME1 (which basically means you’ll get to view FAME MMA – FOR FREE!!!!!).

Step 1: Download Curve here (over 18s only)
Step 2:  Sign up for Fame MMA TV here


Click here to sign up to watch all your fave celebs punch each other in a ring 

It’ll be the best £5 you’ve ever spent – hurry, offer ends 8th of December!