Here’s how to get CRAZY savings on your train tickets home

Or, anyone fancy a return trip to Amsterdam for 20 quid?

Over halfway into the first term and you’ve got your student budget down. The top tier spending is reserved for nights out, closely followed by even more nights out and food. Then, you’ve gradually worked your way to the bottom priorities, where cleaning supplies and recommended course books dwell in the darkness. 

And, just when you thought there was nowhere lower to go on your list of “things you must begrudgingly pay for”, you look over to the far, far edge and there it is – your overly priced train ticket home.

Luckily for you, Quidco is currently running an exclusive offer for students, which gives all new members £15 cashback on travel when you book using Omio. That’s right, your next train is going to cost a whole FIFTEEN POUNDS less! 

Want your next journey home to be fifteen quid cheaper? Click here to book your ticket via Omio now

Every so often, the time comes when money has to be spent on boring necessities, like visiting your parents back home, or escaping uni stress by going on a European holiday (that’s a necessity, right?). Well, now you don’t have to use as much of your precious student loan as you thought to get there – here’s how to get that £15 back:

Step 1: Click here and sign up to Quidco

Step 2: Choose your journey on Omio (literally any train, coach or flight)

Step 3: Select “check out” and you’re done!

Once Omio confirms your purchase, £15 will be transferred back into your Quidco account and then it’s yours to do whatever you want with.

AND as if that wasn’t enough, every other week Omio runs exclusive offers where all customers get an extra five to 15 per cent off their booking! We’ve done the maths for you and found that if you’re a new customer and you book whilst the 15 per cent offer is on, spending £40 will get you a discount of OVER HALF!

Just to emphasise how good this deal is, we’ve made a list of the best discounts you can get with this offer:

• Your standard £40 open return train back home from uni turns into a £19 bargain

• A £56 return flight for a week in Barcelona is now only £30

• A coach to Amsterdam and back for the weekend is now 50 per cent cheaper at only £20.70!!!


Bag the deal and you could be scooting home for £15 less (which means £15 more for your next BNO). ‘Appy ‘appy days.

Never pay full price for your travel again

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