Which VK flavour matches your uni’s personality?


Uni isn’t just about making friends for life and getting a good degree. It’s also (mainly) about drinking VKs.

The love for VK is a universal, unifying experience for students up and down the country. However, it is a divisive love. VK flavour loyalties cause rifts between uni households, tear campuses apart and lead to inter-uni wars as students defend their right to choose VK Blue over Orange & Passion fruit. Okay, a bit dramatic but let’s go with it.

Amongst all this turmoil and anguish, one question prevails over all others: Which VK flavour is your uni?!??

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Lincoln, LSE, UCL and Queen Mary’s – VK Blue

You’re the boss, all other unis can’t help but bow down in your magnificent presence. Born leaders, there’s never been a more powerful, born-to-be-future-CEOs group of students – forget lectures, you’ve transcended lectures. Honestly, at this rate, the lecturers should be paying you to teach them! But, being a boss doesn’t mean you’re boring. Have you seen the parties?!?? You know just when to get the VKs out and have a playlist that can get even the most pretentious of pre-ers twerking like nobody’s watching.


Cardiff, Newcastle, Southampton and Birmingham – VK Orange & Passion Fruit

You’re the class clown. Students would have stopped coming to lectures weeks ago if it weren’t for the free comedy gig you selflessly host every time. No-one else is as funny as you and you know it. You always manage to persuade people to ditch their revision and join you for a night on the town (or in a club, pub, or bar – as long as there’s VKs, you’re there). You’re always the first on the dance floor and aren’t afraid to throw some seriously awkward shapes, perfect your dad moves and drag your mates along for the fun. There’s so much laughter, even the DJ can’t drown you out!

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Edinburgh, Lancaster and Bath – VK Strawberry & Lime

You’re the flirt – passionate, playful and a lil’ bit naughty you always have a story to tell. You’re God’s gift to the dating life, and you know it. Whether it’s laughing with your mates about some rogue one you met on Tinder or practising your sex eyes and chat up lines in the mirror, your whole uni life revolves around the game. No situation is too embarrassing or scary – down the gym and see someone fit, you’ve got a line for that. Spot someone across the dance floor, you’ve got a move for that. Match with someone on a dating app, you’ve got a flirty gif for that. You’re so fine even the lecturer can’t resist your saucy wink.

York, Durham and Reading – VK Apple & Mango

You’re the nerd. But, since nerds rule the world, that’s a compliment! You’re the smartest of the smart: Got coursework due tomorrow? You smash it out in an hour and still get a first. Need to open a VK but don’t have a bottle opener? You know the precise angle to knock the cap off with a table edge. Yes, you might like to read books and watch Countdown on occasion, but that’s not all you do. You also use your geekiness for good. Chemistry – that’s the cocktails sorted. Psychology – you know exactly how to get free drinks at the bar. Engineering – you’ve figured out a way to get VKs on tap. If anyone’s going to succeed after graduation, it’s you.

Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool – VK Tropical

You’re a party animal. You bring the fierceness, the hotness and the extra flavour needed to take the party from zero to 100. Without you, everyone may as well go home. No matter the night, you’re guaranteed to be there – you can dance to anything. Okay, so maybe you’re not the best dancer in the world, but with that huge grin on your face, a VK in your hand and confidence oozing out of every move, everyone wants to be part of your positivity.

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Bristol, UEA, Norwich, Exeter and Nottingham – VK Watermelon

You’re everyone’s bae – library bae, gym bae, lecture bae, club bae, whatever the location everyone’s eyes are on you. And, who can blame them? You’re the perfect combination, sweet without being sickly and sassy without being sour. There’s no end to your popularity, the term BNOC was practically invented for you! You live in a social whirlwind of event invites and you love it so much that even 9am lectures can’t wipe the smile off your face. You’re a little happiness generator and that’s why everyone adores you. Just one smile in their direction and you’ll have even the grumpiest library goer skipping off into the VK-hued sunset.


Warwick, St. Andrews, Oxford and Cambridge – VK Black Cherry

You’re the dark horse, understated elegance runs through your veins. You’ve spent your life cultivating an air of mystery – no one knows who you really are, but everyone wants to. Maybe you’re secretly a supermodel? Maybe you work for MI6? Maybe you’re the overly protected child of some billionaire tycoon?? Regardless of the truth, no one can deny your ability to ooze glamour and intrigue like it’s your job. Forget a glass of red wine, no one can work a VK like you do.


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