We’ve found the perfect part-time job that works around uni and your social life

You’re basically paid to have fun

It’s well known that London isn’t student-budget friendly. Whether it’s the £6 pints, having to catch the Tube every day to lectures or paying rent for a windowless box room with no storage space, going to uni here gets pretty pricey. So, unless you’ve got super generous parents or have recently won the lottery, there’s only really one option – find a way to make money.

For a student this usually means either restocking shelves at a supermarket or folding, unfolding, then re-folding non-stop in an endless cycle of retail monotony somewhere on Oxford Street. But, what if there’s another option? A better-paid, much more exciting job, which will work around you, your social life and make a positive to difference to local families’ lives? Well, luckily for you such miracles do happen – say hello to Koru Kids, a revolutionary childcare company based in London.

Want to fund your life at uni but don’t want a dead-end job in a shop somewhere? Why not become a Nanny with Koru Kids? Click here to find out more

With a minimum commitment of only three afternoons a week, you won’t have to give up any of your precious nights at Infernos or your weekends living the brunch life. Plus, now you’re getting paid £9 an hour, you’ll actually have the funds to enjoy them. Koru Kids will also place you within a local family no more than 30 minutes away so you can avoid frantically rushing back to lectures on sweaty, jam-packed tubes.

After being selected as a nanny, Koru Kids will make sure you receive specialist pediatric training. They’ll also support you with the children’s homework and give you an endless supply of fun activities for playtime. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to bake sprinkle-covered fairy cakes and host mini pizza parties?

Interested? Here’s how to apply:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Fill in their quick, two-minute form

Step 3: Start your new role as a modern-day Superhero (just without the cape)

That’s it. Three simple steps, plus a DBS check, between you and the best student job going. Just make sure to limber up before playing hide and seek all day – you’ve been warned.

It’s time to say goodbye to frustratingly messy piles of shirts and weird shift hours you can’t control

Become a Koru Kids Nanny and earn £9 per hour doing a job you actually enjoy

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