Here’s how you can get 25 per cent off at Missguided, plus £15 cashback on your order whaaaaaat

Pinch me because I am DREAMING

There’s nothing like exam period to remind you how much you enjoy doing anything but revision. Procrastination levels are off the charts – you’ve wasted hours scrolling through summer clothes, your room is absolutely spotless, and you’ve never cooked such elaborate meals in your life. It’s a bona fide disaster.

But look, we’re not here to judge. In fact, we’re going to encourage you to do you, and shop to your heart’s content. “But oooooh I don’t have any moneyyyyyyy” we hear you whinge. NOT a problem. Because pal, we’ve got you…… a deal.

Quidco are giving you 25 per cent off Missguided when you create an account, as well as £15 cashback. Yes, free money just for buying summer garms, you heard it here first. And the best thing? It’s very, very simple. Here’s how to rake in the goods:

You, yes you, can get 25 per cent off Missguided, as well as £15 cashback, with Quidco – sign up for a totally free account here

Step 1: Sign up for a free Quidco account through this link here, before the 9th June.

Step 2: Click through to Missguided and fill yer boots, and use code MG25-GC7DG at the checkout to get 25 per cent off – you’ll also get £15 cashback. So, hypothetically, if you spend the minimum of £10 after discount, you could actually earn a fiver. Mental.

Step 3: Once your purchase has been approved, that cool £15 will appear back in your Quidco account, which you’ll then be able to transfer back to your bank, PayPal, or use as gift vouchers. Think of the grad ball outfits and sweet summer holiday garms you’ll be able to get your hands on.

Step 4: You really should probably get back to revising now. We’re procrastination enablers but we won’t be held responsible if you completely fail your degree, sozzages.

ENJOY xxxx